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SANU President Maduot Returns from USA
Apple Iphone 4 and 3gs Instruction Manual / User Guide for iOS 4.2 & 4 ...

The president of Sudan African national Union SANU and Member of National Legislative Assembly, Dr. Toby Maduot parek returned to Juba last week from USA where he had gone for medical treatment in February, 2011. The statement from the office of the Secretary General of the Party said that his health is steadily improving greatly and prayed that he would fully recover so as to lead SANU and participate effectively in the deliberations of the National Assembly. The statement added that the party president’s active participation was absolutely necessary to accelerate peace and development process at this crucial time of the history of the young nation which gained its independence on 9th July, 2012 when Dr. Maduot was away.


Source: The Citizen

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  • Avatar chameleon Where can i download the manual for an iphone 32gb 3gs?
    May 31, 2010 by chameleon | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans

    I need the manual for an iPhone 32gb 3gs. is there somewhere i can download it online in a pdf form or something? i tried a google search and it didn't work out.

    • You can find it on search engines like yahoo and google.